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Koh Tao has become one of the greatest tourist spots in Thailand



Dienstag, 10. Oktober 2017, 07:48

Koh Tao has become one of the greatest tourist spots in Thailand

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http:www.creationwatches The Bondi to Coogee Walk extends for about 6-kilometers
from Bondi South to Coogee in Sydneys eastern suburbs. It takes about 2-hours
from Bondi to Coogee, that is just a steady pace walking, at a reasonable pace
without too many stops. Most people, like to just draw that out a little bit.
There are a stack of places that you can
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places for a swim, for a coffee, for drinks, something to eat along the way, so
if you prefer you can draw it out and take up to half a day or longer if you

I prefer to make the walk twice, say if you started at Bondi, walk
all the way to Coogee, stop there for lunch or a quiet drink in one of the
restaurants or cafes there, then turn around and walk back in the afternoon.
This can make a very pleasant habit.

The Bondi to Coogee Walk is very
easygoing, and, you don not need too many intensive preparations. The walk is
well sign posted, its pathways all the
way…y.html?cat=1294 ,
so you can not really get lost. There are plenty of places to stop for food and
drink along the way. The going is pretty straightforward, there is some uphill
and there is some downhill, but nothing too strenuous for your average person of
reasonable fitness.

What are you likely to see if you travel the Bondi
to Coogee Walk? Well, if you start at Bondi, you will walk past the Bondi
Icebergs, and pass to the south up onto Mackenzies Point. This is a point that
looks over to the North, so you can see North and South Bondi, to the south you
can look all the way down to Maroubra Beach in the distance. There are some
pretty spectacular views, and if you have a look around up there at Mackenzies
Point, there are actually some old aboriginal carvings of a whale.

takes some looking around or asking around, but these are amongst the first
Aboriginal carvings that were reported in Australia.

If you keep walking
south and you enter a gradual downhill, and the very beach first that you will
come down to is called Tamarama. This beach is also known as Glamarama because
of the large abundance of movie stars and the rich and famous that like to hang
around there. This is a very small
beach…y.html?cat=1320 ,
used mostly by locals, and the well to do.

Tamarama has a little bit of
surf there and at times it can be a little bit rough and dangerous. Tamarama is
a patrolled beach in a nice spot.

If you keep walking south past
Tamarama, you are up a gentle rise, over the crest and down into a beautiful
beach called Bronte Beach. This is my favorite of the beaches that you will
likely encounter on the Bondi to Coogee Walk. Bronte is a very picturesque
beach. It is nowhere near as big as Bondi, but its got a very large grassed area
immediately behind it on the promenade. It has a particularly large surf, but
again, it is well patrolled
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