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Mittwoch, 5. April 2017, 09:34

An unparalleled attention to detail

After Size re-introduced a number of classic adidas originals eqt running support 93 uk colorways, the U.K. shop is back to showcase another archival model in the?adidas Originals 350. The lifestyle creation features all the classic trefoil elements, from gold foil branding, beautiful leather with unique perforations on the toebox, and a gum herringbone outsole. The adidas Originals 350 will be available in a classic Black/White colorway and a White/Navy on June 16th exclusive to European markets to start. Check out more photos after the break and stay tuned for more adidas Originals updates right here on Sneaker News.

Belgium designer Raf Simons launched his first ever menswear campaign in 1995. adidas stan smith uk sale Now two decades later, he’s expanded his reach to the likes of Christian Dior and beyond with an unparalleled attention to detail and inspired visions that only he could come up with. So what did he have planned for the adidas Stan Smith Simons overhauled the normal lacing system with three overlaying skinny straps to mimic the three stripe branding usually absent from the Stan Smith silhouette for a playful twist. These three colorways are available right now at select shops like?Hanon, so check out a detailed look below and we’ll keep you updated on stateside availability in the days and weeks to come.

Although not part of the Star Wars x adidas superstar foundation trainers line-up, this new colorway of the never-gets-old adidas Superstar features a Stormtrooper-esque black/white combination with a gradient-scheme on the upper that wraps around the entire shoe. Only the ‘shell’ of the toe is all-white, as is the midsole. You can’t get any more classic with your footwear than a pair of adidas Superstars so be on the lookout for this new pair at adidas retailers soon. via?Dunk.

White-on-black adidas superstar 2 black white gold shelltoes are about as old school as it gets, and revisiting classics with a twist is always welcome. That means the atmos x DJ Hasebe x adidas Superstar 80s is sure to be a big hit. It has the classic shelltoe styling, but a closer look reveals the black parts to be snakeskin, and not only that, but it glows bright green in the dark! This is certainly one of the more unique Three Stripes releases this year, so do your best to work those overseas connects: atmos will pre-sell these April 1-17th.

The adidas zx flux adv black returns with yet another graphic print – this time featuring a unique rainbow gradient over what looks to be a winged motif of multiple feather overlays. Ranging from splashes of teal, yellow, and orange, white accents hit the laces, outsole and branding. Grab your pair today from international retailers like asphaltgold .

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