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Mittwoch, 17. Januar 2018, 06:37

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Replica Richard Mille



Donnerstag, 13. Juni 2019, 07:37

Replica Richard Mille RM 038 Tourbillon Bubba Watson Black Watch

At Salon International DE la Haute Horlogerie in 2011,
replica swiss watches--Richard Mille
showed RM 026 tourbillon, symbolizing the combination of fine watches and fine
jewelry. In 2013, RM 26-01 featured a giant panda, the newest member of RM
jewelry and watch family.

The giant panda enjoys worldwide recognition
and is incredibly attractive, in part because of its friendly appearance. Giant
pandas traditionally live in the mountains and plains of central and western
China and southwest China. They are now a protected species and can be found in
the mountains of central China's sichuan, shaanxi and gansu provinces. The giant
panda is a lovely animal, symbolizing peace, innocence and friendship. As a
symbol of the Chinese nation, it is considered as a "national treasure". It is
also the global ambassador for endangered species.

The new rm26-01
tourbillon caliber is fitted with a base plate made of agate, a variety of
chalcedony composed of polycrystalline silica (SiO2). Agate varieties with
straight black and white parallel stripes are part of the agate family, while
completely black stones are often called black agates.

The gem is said to
absorb negative energy and bring great emotional stability to the wearer.
Therefore, black agate is considered as a balance and inspiration to prevent
negative thoughts and incarnations. The panda was carved into white gold in 18K
and blended with tourbillon, complete with diamonds and black sapphires. It is
located in its natural habitat, the bamboo forest, featuring hand-carved gold
leaves and bark. It's a feat of art and imagination, and the symbiotic
relationship between fine watch making and fine jewelry will delight anyone
lucky enough to see pandas in the wild. RM 26-01 tourbillon is a limited edition
30 piece clock in 18K red gold and white

In 2013, Richard Mille(
mille skull watch replica
)performed a clever reinterpretation of RM 011,
using an entirely new material: brown silicon nitride. Inspired by the cutting
edge technology used in f1 cars, the RM 011's automatic calibre RMAC1 is now
equipped with reverse timing, which allows you to restart an ongoing timing
operation without stopping the timing. The watch also has a variable geometry
rotor, designed for Richard miller, which adjusts to the user's activity and
optimizes the drum windings.

Brown silicon nitride is a very hard
material (1500 vickers) that exhibits high wear and corrosion resistance, as
well as high wear resistance to severe temperature changes. Very light, it is
used in the automotive industry to make valves, turbocharger rotor and other

Its manufacturing process minimizes the porosity of the raw
material. The powder is formed in an isostatic press with a pressure of about
2,000 bars. The blank is heated to 1500℃. When the temperature deviation is 10℃,
the physical properties of silicon nitride will change at any time. After 12
hours at extreme temperatures, the volume of the part can be reduced by more
than 20%. Silicon nitride is used for the frame and back of the housing of RM
011. These parts are machined with diamond tools and are capable of performing
the barrel shapes required for complex operations while ensuring strict
tolerances and special surface treatments (satin brushes and micro-blasting).The
middle, crown and putter are made of 18-carat red gold, and the putter guard is
made of polished grade 5 titanium. R011 brown silicon nitride is available from
Richard miller replica richard mille
boutique and the brand's retailer.

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