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Donnerstag, 13. April 2017, 08:08

The Chuck II doesn’t get a whole lot of love in the sneaker scene

Let’s be straight, the Chuck II doesn’t get a whole lot of love in the sneaker scene and, personally, we think it’s deserving of a little more. In the creation of the Chuck II, converse jack purcell uk sale took the original Chuck‘s 100-year-old silhouette and gave it a full overhaul in the comfort stakes, while still retaining the iconic kick’s timeless outward appearance – no easy feat! In a move that’s sure to earn the re-worked classic a little more cred amongst sneakerheads, Converse have just unveiled their first collaboration for the Chuck II, partnering with OG graf-head Futura. The godfather of abstract graffiti has lent his signature style to both hi-top and ox make-ups, each equipped with weather resistant rip-stop uppers and reflective laces. Both make-ups will be available from February 1st through, Hype DC and selected Converse stockists globally.

Kicking off the First String program for 2016 converse star player leather uk have hit the Chuck II with a splash of marble decadence. Dropping in both black and white make-ups, each shoe has been constructed from individually cut marble print. For that extra pop, both the heel stay and laces have been hit with a dose of reflective 3M. The Chuck II might slip under the radar for most sneaker fiends, but we’re big fans here at Sneaker Freaker HQ thanks to Converse’s sneaky improvements to their century old design – whoever decided to include full-length Lunarlon insoles is a bloody genius! Give ol’ Chuck another go, you won’t regret it.?These are dropping January 15th at select Converse accounts worldwide, including Auckland’s KNOWEAR.

Ladies and gents, meet the Hancock x converse all star leather uk Jack Purcell Hi. Get acquainted, we’re sure you’ll get along nicely. This Purcell may be another in Converse’s rolodex of colabs, but it’s one of the very rare times that Jack Purcell has gotten ‘Hi’ so to speak. The occasion is brought on by a meeting of the minds between Converse and British clothiers, Hancock Vulcanised Articles. HVA is a modern luxury lifestyle brand whose name pays respect to Thomas Hancock, a homie from the 19th century who pioneered our modern understanding of rubber through his scientific observations. It’s his notebook sketch of the rubber plant on the tongue, and his influence that inspired this Purcell to be made from water-repellant bonded cotton.

This Sex Pistols x converse all star ox shoes uk sale Chuck Taylor All Star colab marks the first time that these perennial forces of late 20th century culture have come together. The pack features an impressive six shoes – three All Star Lows and three All Star Highs – all dressed in graphics as loud as the band themselves. Each styling has the Sex Pistols logo on the tongue and footbed, and can be found atConverse retailers from January 11.

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