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Mittwoch, 5. April 2017, 09:36

Colorway creations in the canvas upper

The converse jack purcell uk sale has seen a seemingly limitless amount of colorway creations in the canvas upper throughout its history. The normally reserved Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Ox arrives in a look ready-made for the warmer months thanks to a tie-dye floral pattern throughout. The matching cream midsole and outsole unit is a nice touch. Be sure to check out a better view below and while this pair is available overseas, we’ll let you know when?you can pick up this new take on a classic silhouette stateside in the near future.

A favorite collection for female converse star player leather uk fans each season, Converse has teamed up once again for another set of colorways with fashion label Missoni. Bringing back the multicolored zig-zagging print uppers, the Chuck Taylor All Star is presented in two high-tops, one Ox, and one slimmed down Fancy Ox. All in perfect summertime color combos, the Missoni x Converse Chuck Taylor All Star collection for Summer 2015 is arriving now at select Converse retailers.

The woven treatment has been appearing on various Nike sneakers for years now, with popular models like theFootscape and the Inneva just to name a couple. Now Nike’s sister company converse all star leather uk gets in on the woven fun with the intricate weaved-up look on the most iconic sneaker ever. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Woven features a fully woven upper in solid tones like the blue and orange colorways seen here. Leather detailing is found on the toe cap and All Star logo on each medial side. The new woven Chucks are arriving now at select overseas retailers.

converse all star ox shoes uk sale re-imagines and totally re-engineers the Weapon, so much so that you probably wouldn’t even guess this new sneaker is derived from the classic basketball shoe. Dropping the top and constructed in modern materials, the Weapon 2.0 is devoid of pretty much every characteristics of the original Weapon prominent in 1980s hoops. No leather, no high top, and with a running-inspired sole unit, the Weapon 2.0 is basically a whole new shoe. That being said, it’s still plenty fresh, especially thanks to its print-friendly neoprene upper with see-through synthetic detailing. The Weapon 2.0 is arriving now at select overseas Converse retailers, and should arrive in the States soon.

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